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    We may introduce ourselves as one of the oldest German Commercial Vehicle Manufacturer.
    With more than 50 years of experiences in building and design of commercial vehicles, KÖHLER gained
    an intimate experience and knowledge of the real need of the markets in Europe, Scandinavia and
    Middle East. In special cases we produce also Silos for Cement and other bulk construction materials in Steel
    and mixed variations, along with all facilities like support and secured spare parts supply, while we always
    meet their preferred individual and special requirements with unique designs.

    For the European Market our Silos are of a predominately aluminium construction, thus giving our customers a
    huge payload factor.

    Our activities are backed up by an outstanding team of experienced people in design and manufacturing of all
    kinds of commercial vehicles. We can deliver a great range of complete units for a great variety of fields including
    bulk, general cargo and heavy transport sectors.

    Our headquarter is located in Elmshorn, near Hamburg. For our Contact Data please click Contact.